About DM Excavating

Darrell Meng, founder of DM Excavating Company, Inc. Started by buying a bulldozer in 1960 and hung a sign on his property in Happy Valley, OR. Soon he was helping all the farmers out by buying his 1st backhoe and digging trenches and bringing water to the farmers in the Valley. Followed by house dig outs and septic systems. Then to specializing in building and maintaining municipal water systems that helps bring clean water into our homes. (I have a pic of his original Bulldozing sign with phone number PR5-7717).

Darrell had 3 children whom he adored: Denise, Dan, and Donna. With their births came the name of his business, DM Excavating Company, Inc. DM Excavating was incorporated in 1980. Throughout the years, DM has done any and every kind of excavation imaginable. Dan Meng started working for his dad in high school then was handed over the business in 1999. Today DM Excavating does helps out with all types of excavation needs.

What sets DM Excavating apart is their 60 years of excavation experience, quality of work, good old-fashioned work ethics, honesty, integrity and offers a good price for great work.